Tuesday, December 18, 2007

things that shouldnt be allowed

high heeled shoes on stupid drunk girls when i am out having a dance with my friends.

also, their stupid faces when they realise they've stepped on your foot AGAIN and you now have a massive chunk of skin missing and a large unsightly bruise

people are stupid


hand holding occurred again. and then he went home

people are stupid


sunday night, voldemort played with his new band supporting darren hanlon. another of those times when i can walk into a room and my past is all sitting there having a beer with each other. thankfully, i had ben and a nice group of people to sit with and talk to.
during this discussion, ben repeatedly referred to 'our band'. this would have been fine, except that the people we were talking to were in actual real bands and i felt a bit dumb saying that i had recorded songs. still, was nice to meet nice people.

dazz played an awesome set and laughed at my compulsive air drumming

and then it was time for home

quote of the night:
'what was the last name of that guy troy who went to high school with us and lived next door to me?'
'i dont know....mclure?'
'no, i dont think it was troy mclure'


busy thursday night? if not, come to the moonlight cinema to see jim sturgess...i mean... across the universe. get there early and join us for tasty treats, or late if you want to be anti social and just come for the movie

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