Tuesday, November 27, 2007

you know that dithery kind of thing that hugh grant does?

clancy does that. well, she just did that. i went out the back and she was holding a rat in her mouth by its head. she put it down carefully, did the dithery head thing, looked around a bit, gently picked it up again, took a couple of steps, dithered again, put it down like she was about to explain something (now...bridget....love...) picked it up again and slinked (slinked? slunk?...apparently its slunk) slunk off behind the cubby

presumably to eat the rat

i dont know if hugh grant does that part


this morning e sang to me. well, he recited lyrics to me

mum...we must talk on every telephone get eaten off the web....get fired from the crystal ball of the books that we have read...strapped into a chair we must sing, we must sing we must sing

for a 6 year old, he's pretty good at brighteyes

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