Wednesday, November 14, 2007

crowded house


augie march were pretty awesomes as well. and good on you, adelaide, for standing up and dancing around at a seated concert. its about time.

between augie march and crowded house, we amused ourselves with taking photos. please take part in the newly thought up game of 'whose boobs are these'

whose boobs are these?

and no, i will not tell you who i went with

we had great seats, and could see both the stage and the screens really well. here are some crap shots i took with my phone. i only got a couple, i spent most of my time just singing along

then we went to villis cafe and i got a vanilla slice. most exciting. i am not the best at reviews, other than to say woot and such similar things, but this was awesome. oh, and, what was with the greyhounds?

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