Saturday, November 24, 2007

so, i went to vote

i'd left it til later in the afternoon cos...well, cos i was sleeping earlier, but also cos it was hot and last time i had to wait in a line and it was hot. and, yeah, basically its the hot that was annoying me. i figured that by late in the afternoon, i wouldnt have to deal with people forcing pamphlets onto me.

as i pulled up, i was greeted by this

lovely. no one hassling me to vote the way they wanted. no one giving out thousands of pieces of paper, that just get thrown away. aaah, i might even get through this

so, i entered the school, and headed toward the polling room. uh oh. there they are.

'would you like one of these?' asks the democrats. 'no thankyou', i answer. the greens just smile at me as i walk past. labor is leaning against the wall a few metres ahead. 'can i interest you in..' 'nope, i dont want anything, thankyou', i say, cutting him off before he can finish. 'no worries,' labor answers, 'have a good day'. 'thanks!'.

hmm....theres one. oh. look who it is. i literally stop walking and just stand there. i probably look stupid. i dont care all that much. i decide to walk a couple of metres to my left to stay out of the way of this particular pamphlet bearer. this probably makes me look stupider. again - care factor is zero. i avert my eyes. i look straight ahead.

'have a how to vote card?' she says, walking towards me.
'no, please dont give me anything'
'its politics, its not personal'
'yes. i know that. i dont want anything'

she made it personal, she didnt have to. why couldnt she just say 'no worries' like everyone else. why did she feel the need to come over to me, where the others just let me walk past? i said no, why couldnt she just accept that.

and really, does she think i am that stupid? does she believe that i thought she was trying to make me join her fanclub, or something equally as ridiculous?

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