Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i unflead the cats today. i sat them on my lap and squeezed the stuff onto the back of their necks, where they cant reach it to lick it off, and let them go again.

clancy looked at me like i was worse than the worst person in the world, and ran off to sit on my clothes. i assume so all the fleas can jump off and hide in my clothes. good thinking, on her behalf if thats what she was doing. go you, clancy, you'll show me.

banjo....sigh....well, what can we expect of banjo. she somehow managed to lick the unlickable and ran around the house for the next half an hour, frothing at the mouth and dribbling all over the place. she made sure she ran back and forth across my god lounge, and also shook her head so her spit landed in my cup of tea. she's awesome.

anyone want a cat? they dont have fleas

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