Wednesday, August 24, 2005

did you know?

this weekend i am zipping off to sunny melbourne. i'll be landing on friday night and hopefully i'll be spending the majority of the weekend pashing.
that is pretty much my plan for the entire weekend. pashing, shopping and drinking. who knows what order those things will occur, as long as they do, i'll be happy.

while i am out of my favourite state, vicki will be living in the paisley palace, caring for the psycho kitties. you know they're psycho, right? they're psycho. all three of us have scratches on our faces from them. on our faces. x and i have matching upper lip scratches, and im pretty sure they're both from banjo. we were both asleep at the time of the attacks, so we're unsure.

anyway, melbourne!

here are my key wishes for my trip


now, lets delve into the first one, pashing. i'd really like to pash someone famous. i was watching a bit of last man standing last night in between flicking back and forth to rove so i could see johnny depp (siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh swooooooooooooooooon), coincidentally writen by this sexy lady. and i was looking in the background at all the hot people. im going where these hot people are, you know. and i think id like to pash a few of them. and im thinking that since i'll be like a whirlwind, being thought of a slutty whore isnt that bad. pashing people for the weekend will not make me smutslut, it will just make me a better kisser what with all that practice.

yep, go me

shopping - i will of course be spending a great deal of time on bridge road while the lovely theresa works. i might buy something from her shop, but there isnt much on sale there. instead i will try and buy things i actually need....bwwaaaahahahahahaha, im so funny. i have been instructed to buy something for sharyn, and maybe if i buy something for vicki, this time i wont lose it. also, sexyclem's credit card groaned at the mention of shopping, but i know that it secretly loves the feeling of rushing through the eftpos slot and transferring its magnetically encrypted goodness through the electronic realm, not unlike mike tv.

drinking - that one pretty much speaks for itself, dont you think?

so if im quiet for the next few days, you'll all know why. but, i have a shiny new memory card for my camera and i will return with many a photo to show you all.

have a good week

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