Saturday, August 20, 2005

and, as adrian says*...

what can i do tonight? i feel like going out and finding someone to kiss but anyone i could go ou with tonight is either not answering their phone or i dont think they would appreciate my wishes for the night.
i could stay home, eat cheese, watch movies and get drunk by myself which is also what i feel like doing, but aas* idle hands are the devils workshop. apparently it doesnt matter to him that he didnt say it first, it just counts that he said it and that i quote him, so there you go, i have fulfilled my duty.

dear adrian,
im sorry you had to listen to me sulking over things i cant control. i know i am better than that and deserve better than that but i cant help sulking over it occasionally.
thankyou for making me laugh

i'll see you soon

love carly

did you all just read that note? how nosy do you want to be? sheesh. surely you would have seen by the first two words that it was intended for adrian. oh, your name is adrian? well then, by all means, read away.

ugh. this still hasnt solved my problem. why wont anyone write back to my messages dog dammit!

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