Monday, October 10, 2005

so, ive been thinking

four year olds really shouldnt drink beer. at four, you should know beter than to drink alcohol, mainly for the taste factor. you're old enough to say, nah, that actually tastes pretty gross you know, and i dont feel like digesting it. thats why we've now gotten e onto ginger beer. its the same sort of shaped bottle, except without the alcohol content. he's almost mastered the alphabet now so he's already showing signs of his brain cells regenerating.

at only a month old though, you dont really have a choice what you injest. so here i would like to share with you a photo of x and his first beer
xans first beer
he's not really that much bigger than it. we had to tuck it into his blanket cos the little guy was so drunk he couldnt hold it. couldnt hold his beer. piker.

when he got a bit older he was much better at it
xans beer
you can tell by this photo that he can hold his beer much better. this is his christmas beer. he was really into it and only needed a little bit of help to hang onto it.
on that day, to prove what great parents we are, personwhosnameimustnevermention and i left x with his grandparents and went and spent mats christmas money on a star wars figure. cant think of his name. you know the one. tall, green and yellow, carries around skulls on a stick. yeah, that one

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