Tuesday, February 17, 2004

well wishes this way, please

well, i have a job interview on friday. it's for coles myer, who own a whole mess of stores like, coles, myer, bilo, kmart, target and some others too. im not sure exactly which one of these im applying for, but i hope its more the department store kind of ones rather than the grocery stores.
i had to find two referees that ive spoken to in the last 2 months. since i've only really ever had one job, and i quite dislike the manager im finding this last bit quite hard. but claire from kindy said she'd be one for me, so that was nice of her.

hey, mystery man, you should write a nice letter about how good i was at bunnings, that'd help.

i'l let you all know how it goes. i dunno how confident i am. i havent had a job in 5 years and i have two kids, so im probably not the most attractive candidate as far as that goes. as far as looks are concerned, i win hands down. aaaah, fake confidence, how i love thee

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