Sunday, February 01, 2004

confuzzling boys

i still stand by my statement that girls are the more confusing and annoying, especially tricksy girls like me. but its becoming apparent to me that there are a specific couple of boys that enjoy being confusing and making me go wha?

i'll start with the first one. i actually thought you were a nasty girl, but it turns out you're a boy :P

you started visiting my blog quite a while ago and leaving silly little messages like 'is it normal to have hairy nipples' and the like. you pretended to be me. silly. some people discussed ways of blocking you from my blog but i didnt really care. you added a bit of spark to my otherwise dull (but always sexy) tag board. it was when you started thanking people for things, from me, that i got a bit annoyed. cos people didnt know who was who and things got a little strange.

being the girl from nestle just cracked me up. cos it was so what i could hear in the email she sent me the second time. i will be writing to them again soon. the new milo bars are all on special and the boxes are always filled to the there are a few red faces up in the nestel office, dont you think?

anyway, i digress, (me digressing? never, mehehe). so theres you. im gonna call you bob. i have absolutely no idea who you are, bob. i thought you perhaps worked for the sydney swans because i checked my tracker and everytime you'd been here there were visits from there. and everytime i mentioned it 'you' shut up for a while.


then theres a new secret boy. you turned up one day telling me that chris elze was married. i didnt really think much of it until i realised that i'd mentioned chris on another blog, not this one. then i got to thinking....hey, you're some kind of stalker! now i find out that in year 9 you had a crush on me, when i was in year 10 in the eisteddfod. you know, if you had have told me i would have blushed an ran away. i never thought any boys liked me in high school.

im calling you jack.

so far i have found out you were in the year below me, which should actually make you 25 like me. you have brown hair, you play guitar and surf. now, nothing against you, but that could be any boy in the southern area, so you're gonna have to do better than that with the clues.

i know you said we've spoken...i hope i was nice to you.

so jack, bob, you guys are tricksy little blighters....oh, you arent cornish pixies are, you're tricky anyhow, and you should be kinder to me and give me extra clues :)

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