Wednesday, February 11, 2004

blurring the lines

i wonder sometimes if blogging and blogs are becoming too much of a part of my life. i constantly find myself thinking what would be good to blog about, and wondering if so-and-so has updated yet.
it also stuns me that i simultaniously think of fellow bloggers in terms of celebrities and friends, for instance, a conversation from the other day :

K: katie from here in katies head writes better when she doesnt have a boyfriend
C: yeah, but her stories are really cool, i check them everytime im there
K: she does write really well
C: did you know that she used to go out with justin from what green tastes like?
K: yeah, i did actually

it was at that point where i realised that we were gossiping like two old ladies over a cup of tea and a tv week magazine

i need to get a life

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