Friday, October 24, 2003

exciting unexcitingness

i bought a bathroom cleaning product and it works, and wasnt i stoked. i even told my mum about it and tok matt into the bathroom when he got home from work to show him how shiny everything is.

i am a sad sad girl.

so the reason i'm cleaning instead of sitting around doing my usual thing is because i have....counting...5ish days until matt and i leave for melbourne. why are we going to melbourne? well, you know, it's cool and everything, good shops, jam donuts :), but we are also meeting sean and holly there at the airport.
it'll be the first time we've actualy seen them in real life, not just a computer screen, and it's been liek 2 and a half years or something freakish like that. they're flying from america to come and see us. US. a strange litle family in adelaide in a tiny house with a freaky two-part dog.

i'm falling into disbelief

still, im not panicking yet at least. i still have mundane things to do like the washing and paying bills. i have an audition for aladdin on sunday and i have to remember to pick a bag of lemons for vicki's mum.

it's...i dont know...i dont know if it's sunk in yet

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