Monday, October 20, 2003

run, its a catch up post

yeah yeah, i know, i havent written anything properly in ages. but hey, im a busy girl.

so, the boyfriend. well, we fucking rocked. just got better and better with each performance, and we even got a standing ovation on the last night.
yes yes, thankyou thankyou. and thankyou dang, most of all. i know you were there, in disguise, every night. there was the usual fighting backstage, and bitching about each other and tappers...tappers, he he he.

cast party rocked too. i was drunk, oh how i was drunk. and when im drunk, im anyones. well, i was the couches cos it got decidedly harder to get up as the night went on. i was the unofficial winner of charades, because i rule. why is it that i can never think of things to charade when its my turn but when im laying awake at night i can think of billions?
there was bitching there too, relationship problems abounded....abounded? look, im not getting into it, but if i was going out with fiona, i'd fuck her, end of story.

i love vanessa. i dig chicks who play guitar. seriously, me vix and ness singing throw your arms around me could rival the doug anthony allstars.

so in a week and a half matt and i will be standing in melbourne airport and sean and holly will be getting off the plane. weird...i dont think i can say any more about that...

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