Thursday, October 02, 2003

oh, im starting to feel myself get addicted to lizzie maguire. the fact that its on just before degrassi isnt helping either.

so tonight is opening night for the boyfriend. eeeep. nah, i dunno, im feeling a bit better about it now. we had our dress rehearsal last night and everything went pretty ok. apart from the fact that the falling ballooons didnt fall until after we'd sat down to hear how we went, but thats ok. fat stinky pat still had to pick them all up so sucked in. here, please accept this gift basket that includes deoderant, a toothbrush and extra strength toothpaste, a mega support bra, some anti fungal cream and a shaver.
did i mention that i get i wear a sailor dress? i look so cute
there was much reassuring and hugging and hand holding going on, and i think that helped a lot, especially with the younger girls

so come along, if you dress up in a 20's outfit you might win a prize

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