Monday, October 27, 2003

daylight savings.....

this is th last time i listen to matt when it comes to daylight savings. 'yeah, ' he says, 'you put the clocks backward because then you get an extra hour of daylight, and thats what its like in summer, more daylight'. ok then, i think, and, i change all the clocks. i'm now going to bed at 10 oclock, but thats fine, more time for reading, i say to myself.

the next day we're up early fixing up the house. we do gardening and cleaning and painting and all this stuff, and i'm thinking, wow, its only 11, we've done so much in so little time. then i get a message from vicki 'where are you? auditions start in 25 minutes!!!!'. nah, she's got it all wrong, its only 11, i've got aaaaaages yet before i have to be there. silly girl has set her clocks wrong. i message her back and tell her that, and then i ring up and ask what the time is.

at the third stroke it will be 1 0 7 and 30 seconds beep beep beep

i have to listen to this twice before it sinks in. no, i didnt just forget to change my clock so i'm an hour late, i set it back an hour so im actually 2 hours late.

hello stupid! hello, says carly

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