Thursday, November 04, 2010

the bearded clams

there was a time when it seemed like i was out every weekend with sharyn, seeing the bearded clams. every weekend. me, sharyn, rory, peter, james, john, tim and more. this was when going out every weekend was fun. i dont know if i can explain quite what the experience of seeing the bearded clams live was like. maybe no through road compares, but not in the camaraderie that existed. no through road is fun, and we're all friends. but bearded clams was more than that, and theres no way to describe it without having lived through it

bluebottle kiss

generic teen

Sitting behind you last night and our conversations died years ago far below
One year we were on the ferry near the harbour bridge and you
Asked me where the planes land...
Well how was I supposed to know?
And I'm the worst conversationalist you're ever likely to meet
When I'm sweet on someone my words stay clenched right between my teeth
But that was my chance at teenage romance but...
It always took place in my head or on my radio

You were the first you were the worst
It's clear you could see that you had a hold on me

A hold on me
Hold on

i only saw bluebottle kiss once, but i was in awe the whole time.

the british robots

congratulations british robots! you are the first adelaide band in my a-z of australian music. its a shame you're not a band anymore. thankfully i'll get to see the majority of you in oh minor

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