Tuesday, July 06, 2004

dreaming in celebrity

what is it with me and celebrity guest appearances in my dreams?

last night it was kiefer sutherland

matt and i were walking around somewhere that i think was glenelg. we were looking for somewhere to go that wasnt dance music and we werent having much luck. as we were walking towards a pub, kiefer sutherland walked past me with his arm around a girl. he was wearing these pants that were made out of some weird material that changed colour from green to orange when he walked. i was trying to get my purse out of my pocket and it was stuck, and he was looking at me like i was weird. HE was looking at ME like I was weird. not the hypercolour pants wearing celebrity walking around with a whore in glenelg, south australia.

stupid kiefer

matt saw him and howled and said 'didnt he play a wolf in some movie?'
then we saw two boys driving around in datsun 180B's that they'd hand painted inside and out with red paint

the end

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