Sunday, July 11, 2004

its like you never left me

i just downloaded spider solitaire from some website. aaah, i feel like im home. i probably should have remembered the site and linked to it from here out of courtesy but i didnt. what can you do, hey?

in other news, i am DISGUSTED with the reynella shoping centre for having a reindeer on there roof. a reindeer. do they realise its july? apparently not. do they realise its australia? apparently not. disgusted. i repeat, DISGUSTED.

so, what else sucks about my computer at the moment...well, the cdrom drive is fucked. it plays music cds, but not cdroms. i yelled at it but it didnt help.

i also require someone to massage my lower back continuously as i am in constant pain and am about to kill someone if it doesnt stop.

please buy my an emac. there is one in my lounge room presently and i want it.

the end, love carly

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