Tuesday, July 20, 2004

the first day

xander's first day of school went realy well. he was excited, and got dressed and ate his breakfast like a good boy. we got there and went into his classroom, hooked his bag up underneath his name and had a look around.
his teacher is really nice and he knows a lot of the kids in the class. he was a bit worried when they had to line up for an assembly. all the kids form the other classrooms were walking outside at the same time and it was a bit much for him. he looked up at mat and said 'dad, i dont like this'. but when the assembly was finished, matt told him we had to go and he just said, 'ok!' and started to run off. we had to call him back to get a kiss and a cuddle.
today was much the same. mrs koehne rang the bell for them to sit down on the mat and he put his things away, hugged me, kissed me and sat down. no need for me to say, 'ok now xans, pop your stuff away, time to sit down'. nope, he knows it all already.
he was very pleased with himself yesterday, having learned basketball, and getting all the way across and almost all the way back across the monkey bars in one go.

last night he sang me a song before he went to bed. i cant remember how it went, but it was all about how he loves school and he's so excited, and 'i'm a big school boy now!'

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