Friday, July 16, 2004

before i say anything else
yay at blogger for putting al this specky formatting gear at the top of my posting thingo.  yay
ok, now, what i was really going to write about.
not happy joss
last night was the final episode of angel.  i had been warned not to expect much from a fellow blogger but i was still hopeful.
it started off really good.  witty reparte and things i went 'whoah' to.  in particular the death of that lady senator who was part of the black circle, that was fucking cool.  wesleys death was sad. i almost cried. i love amy acker (fred), and seeing herthat last time was just so cute.  poor wesley and fred.  i guess someone had to die.  lorne was a bit weird, but im glad that he shot lindsey. something about that guy that i didnt like.  and how 'wow, i never even considered that' was harmony? "He's not my boyfriend. I mean I certainly did not betray you." - Harmony demonstrating what a terrible liar she is.   that assistant guy, marcus is a fucker, yay angel for biting him."My blood is filled with their ancient power." - Marcus "Can you guess which word you shouldnt have said then?" - Angel
i dunno about the ending tho. yeah, there was a funny line, "I kind of want to slay the dragon. Let's go to work." - Angel's final words, but what happened? who won? who were they?
damn you WB for cancelling angel. 
lets recap on the good tv shows that are NOT on at the moment
six feet under
the l word
queer as folk
love is a four letter word
at least the abc put out there back on, even if it is repeats.
and now for some more lines from angel that tickled my fancy....(is that what you're calling it now, huh?)
"I'll make trophies of their spines." "Good to have you on the team." - Angel being pretty serious with Illyria.
"I want you Lindsey. I'm thinking about rephrasing that." - Angel going a little Anne Rice as the series comes to an end
"If the next words out of your mouth are kill Spike, we just might have to kiss." - Angel not entirely lying
thanks to peripheral visions for the lines

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