Friday, July 25, 2003

nice people and nasty people

last night while shopping at goodwill i found a punky brewster doll and a cabbage patch kids dress. i thought, cool! a dress for me and a doll for ebay. so i walked around the store to see if there was anything else i might like and in the course of my shopping i put the dress on the doll. this, unbeknownst to me, was the completely wrong thing to do. now remember that this is a goodwill store, a charity store, a store to help the public in need with good will
i took my goods up to the counter
'how much for these two? neither of them have a price on them'
'do you remember how much that doll was? $10? $10'
'$10 for the doll?'
'i'll just take the dress then'
'we dont seperate things'
'but i put the dress on the doll'
'no, thats how it came from the warehouse'
' put the dress on the doll'
'we dont seperate things, thats how it came from the warehouse'
'this is a punky brewster doll, this is a cabbage patch kids dress, they dont go together, it doesnt even fit her properly. i put the dress on the doll'
snatching the doll away form me and putting it behind the desk
'you cant have the dress'
'you are terribly nasty'
so then i went outside and matt asked me what was wrong and i just started crying. i dont know why, it was stupid to cry, but i did. matt went back in there and tried to work things out but she wouldnt budge.
we sat in the car and ate our tea and i was still crying. and then the other lady who worked there came out and knocked on my window. she said she'd open up the store again and give me the dress. matt went into the store with her, and she told him that she had gotten in her car and started to drive home, but she felt awful so she turned around and came back. she was going to give me the dress but matt said we'd pay for it. but then, she cant find it. doll is there, but no dress.
she'd hidden it
but the lady took my name and number and caled me this morning to tell me that the dress had been found and that it was waiting for me at the desk.

some people are nasty, and some people are nice

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