Sunday, July 20, 2003


i just typed stuff, and it disappeared

also, what the fuck?

i accepted a webcam thingo from some guy by accident, and i get a close up of his dick. nice. so...classy

abbey_carly (9:51:34 PM): i really dont appreciate accepting a chat and having to look at your dick
krull_the_king (9:51:45 PM): :(
abbey_carly (9:51:54 PM): it was very unnatractive and i really never ever desire to see it again
abbey_carly (9:52:48 PM): i read your profile and it said you were single and looking, i can see why you are single, and if you are looking i suggest perhaps not subjecting people to a close up view of your penis
abbey_carly (9:52:59 PM): please dont talk to me again
krull_the_king (9:53:05 PM): ok

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