Monday, May 09, 2005

the fucktedness of it all

i downloaded the newest version of messenger and now my computer is even more fucked than it was.
so insanely stupid.
it wont log in most of the time, (messenger, i mean) but it'll make the little window pop up that says i have new hotmails, but when i click it it takes me to my outlook inbox.

stupid? yes

and what else is pissing me off? my phone. predictive text is supposed to make my life simpler, right? well, once i worked out how to use it, it did. and i actually got to the stage where i thought i'd never have to add new words to my dictionary anymore because even words like fucktedness were in tehre. but no. nooo. NO. it has to go and forget everything. why? cos its fucked, thats why. and my 0 button decides not to work most of the time, so im clicking away, writing messages and then i look at the screen and theres some unintelligable garbled mess that possibly resembles a word with a question mark at the end because it was supposed to be three words but the space button didnt work.

i really should just be grateful i dont have bigger problems

my feet are cold though, and i have no milk. and if i dont learn my lines for that one scene thats pissing me off i will not be held responsible for what i do

there, all better now. its out of my system, thanks for listening

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