Friday, May 13, 2005

you're falling down on mine

sleepy dazz

last night i saw darren hanlon for the first time in about a year. as always, he was amazing. and bree...mmmmmmmm, breeeeeee.......

mmm, bree

she has the most amazing breasts. at one stage i found myself just gazing longingly at them....


we got there early enough to see jens lekman, but we decided to go and get a coffee/beer/custard penis first. we found out while enjoying our delicacies, that marc's black eye actually came from his dad. because he wouldnt change the channel. yep. just cos you've got some stupid little beard now, does not automatically make you tough, OB, leave my marci alone.

so we got back to the jade and sat out the back as the front was stiflingly full. we played in my pants. ooooh, thats funny without quotation marks. we played 'in my pants', the game where you listen to people's conversations and add 'in my pants 'into pauses in the conversation. fun!

we shuffled to the front just before dazz started and i got a lovely pozzie just to the right of him. fucking awesam show. songs, between song banter, rock operas, dance moves, getting darren hanlon's phone number, a night
sorry? what was that? getting dazz's number? oh, that was nothing, he just gave it to me....ok! i'll tell. at the beginning of unmade bed there's a guitar bit that goes

do do doo, dodoodo do doo...heh, well, there's a little guitar bit and dazz had programed it into his mobile as a ring tone. he asked chris crouch for his mobile and for a little while he couldnt find it. so i offered to help.

me: 'what's your number? i'll ring it'
dazz: 'oh, ok, its 04....'
*laughter from the audience*

he finds the phone and tries to get it to work, cant, so calls me up and gives me his number and i call it. then i save it into my phone as dazz. i so rule! so i called it and it started off the song. i've played with darren hanlon!

dazz phone

here is a pic of darren giving me a call when he gets back from the tour

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