Monday, May 23, 2005

cheap as you are

Xmit (mine eyes deceive)
Golden eggs and sky castles. Which do you prefer?

Because you cannot have both. You just can't. No carbon copy cake to keep.

These hallucinations started one week ago. In the ear, always the ear. Different accents floating on the breeze, comments about things like skin and bicycles, snippets of questions, fragments of retorts, all good natured.

Among other whisperings.

Messages encoded in waves and decoded by the ear. Tiny little bones trembling in the dark.

Fly away with me. Run to New York. Make our way there.

And whatever else.

But the brain does lie. One week now. Fabricated meaning in the streets and the stations.

But that hand on my leg... I'm not so sure I was hallucinating. And you've left me willing different kinds of messages to beam down from the satellites.

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