Monday, May 23, 2005


i'm going to be so busy this week. tonight is the last rehearsal before our opening night tomorrow night of equus. i really hope it goes well. theres still a few lines problems, and some sound and lighting cues that need to be ironed out, but we'll get there. we always do.

will any of you be coming?

if you do, you'd best shut your eyes towards the end, lest you catch a glimpse of my fat arse. yep, carly's goin pantsless. its pretty scary. we rehearsed last night and i wore a g string and a shirt. harry has an in fun go at me for not being naked like nathan but i didnt take it very well and neither did april or vanessa who stuck up for me. i will try tonight to go totally pantsless....we'll see

so yeah, you wanna see some snatch? come down to noarlunga theatre this week and cop an eyefull. flailing willy's abound too

hehehe, you know, that last sentence would make me laugh so much more if it wasnt my bits i was talking about

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