Saturday, January 12, 2008

harriet the spy a great movie. michelle trachtenberg is really cool

not that that has anything to do with my life lately. except that. gee, i dont know. ok, let me ask you something. if you were interested in my blog, would you read it? i think you would. if you were interested. if you werent interested, then you wouldnt read it, and you probably wouldnt care too much for people telling you about it. i know the face some people make when i say 'i read somewhere' and especially when i say its from the internet. so, i reckon, if you're actually interested in what i write, then hey, come on in, make yourself at home, and read the drivel that comes from my fingertips. if you're not interested, and you're one of those people who doesnt read it, then really, there isnt much use for you to know whats going on here, dont you think? i know if i was interested in something, i'd read it for myself.

earlier this week i put together a bookcase without the use of a wizards tools. turns out it came with an allen key, and the side of a spanner is just as good as a mallet. today, i did this with it

its alphabetical order, kind of. from a-y anyway, but each group isnt in order, if you know what i mean. thanks to the lucksmiths and the lemonheads, i have more 'ls's' than anything else.

its school holidays. would youlike to know how i know? first of all, i havet been to a shopping centre since before christmas, and secondly from this

nothing like holidays for running around with no shoes

tonight is the first gosh of the year and im quite excited. both miffy and i are pretty keen on ridding ourselves of our last kisses, but the problem with that is that once you plan, it doesnt happen. so, we'll see

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