Wednesday, January 22, 2003

..."I once built a vibrator out of stuff I found in's my garage," he said. "Plus I makes my own condoms out of tinfoil and ziplocks baggies. I'm like the MacGyver of sex."
ron milky - doctor love

why does no one make any comments in meandering. as you may have read in the previous post, i am 'the girl who needs to know'. not giving me feedback makes me think that a) no one goes there and b) you all hate what you're reading and dont want to make me feel bad by telling me. here are my answers to those theories. a) i know people go there cos the counter goes up all the time (and not just by one when i go in there) b) it says in the title, dont hold back. even if you dont like it, please tell me. i need constructive criticism. even if you just say yes or no, give it a rating out of 10, i dont know...something?

on another note, i have an earache and a sore back and neck. ow. nasty pains and aches and hobbitses...oh, opps, let my smeagel out. i'll put him back...yes, yes, all back now.

big day out big day out big day out big day out big day out
only one week to go, yay. and then 2 weeks after that is the candle records concert. yay. im so excited
hey cam, how come your band isnt playing the big day out, huh??
come to think of it, how come mine and matts band, and anatone arent playing the big day out? perhaps we'll have to start our own festival..yes, good idea, i'll get right on it

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