Monday, January 20, 2003

i bought something from kristins tupperware party. why? cos im a good friend. im having a tupperware party. why? cos im a good friend. at least i've got a couple of months to get out of having this party. i told the lady, i'm gonna be too busy, all of feburary and all of march, since she said it had to be within three weeks. but nooooooo, she says she can bend the rules, i have kristin behind her making pleading faces at me. so i say yes. on the upside, i get a recipe for cherry ripe slice, honeycomb fudge, AND baileys. yep, im gonna learn how to make my own baileys. that should save us a bit of money since good ol father o leary has been visiting quite a lot lately.

rehearsal went well. we did the last act which im the roughest with but i was getting it pretty well towards the end. it didnt help that i had thorin saying that i needed to keep mad, keep my energy up, and keep going the whole way through the first scene since i am the one that EVERYONE will be watching, EVERYONES eyes will be on me, and if i DONT KEEP THEIR INTEREST, they'll lose the oomph of the whole play. yeah, i'll be practicing a whole lot more before rehearsal tonight.

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