Sunday, January 26, 2003


...and why i hate them

i used to like U2. when songs like 'where the streets have no name' were out, that's when i liked them. i thought they were good then. i think i even kinda liked them when they released 'the fly', is that what it was called? and the filmclip was all weird and freaky camera work? anyway, i cant say i loved them, but i'd sing along to their songs. now, on the other hand, i cannot get myself further away from them. to me, they, like the rolling stones, should have given up years ago.
but, there are those die hard fans out there that love them no matter what they put out. this is the thing i have a problem with. you shouldnt like a song just because you like the band. and vice versa, you shouldnt like a band just because you like a song. an example of theat is, rikki was singing big yellow taxi the other day, and i thought to myself, wow, she's showing a bit of taste there. this is where i put my foot in it and speak up. 'i like that song' i say, 'oh! ididnt think you like music i listened to? do you like the counting crowes and some girl ive never heard of?'. and this is where i say, 'they didnt write it, rikki, its a joni mitchel song'. and she stares blankly.
ok, back to the die hard fans. the triple j hottest 100 is on today. i think at about number 97, there was a U2 song. now, in the words of the announcer, ' i didnt even know U2 released a song last year, i bet a whole lot of U2 fans got together and voted for it anyway, just so they could get a song in the hottest 100'. this is exactly what i was thinking as i was listening. sure, i voted for all of the whitlams songs, and all teh darren hanlon songs, but thats cos i genuinley like them. and to prove im not just one of theose people, i bought you am i's new album cos i liked the single, and figured i'd like the album, but i hardly listen to it cos i cant get into it. therefore, i didnt vote for the other you am i songs that were listed.
back to U2.
ticket prices. i am mad at bands who make their fans pay exorborant ticket prices to see them play. i remember when i used to fork out 50, 60 70 bucks to go see a gig like the chili peppers or faith no more, or bjork, or way back in the early nineties when karlies mum paid three hundered dollars for karlie, sharyn and i to go see new kids on the block (im not ashamed to admit that i went to the concert, so you can all shut up with the teasing, im sure you like ridiculous 'bands' once too). i will not do that now. yes, i paid $100 to go to the big day out, but that is many many bands and a huge day to experience for the price of one gig. i think the rolling stones were asking about $120 for some tickets. feh, whatever. another bargain gig is the candle records gig that matt and i are going to on valentines day, about 6 bands for $15, thats a bargooon.

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