Wednesday, January 01, 2003

ok, well, im sad cos my irma fell off my bracelet :( it can be fixed i spose, just makes me sad.

buzz aldren : i walked on the moon all those years ago *cough*bullshit*cough*

hope you're all having a spanking new year. and i mean that in all senses of the word.

2003 started off with a drink
and an unfinished board game
then came a phone call and a piece of cheese cake
now i wake up and yep, tis all the same

although considering there was a party
my house is quite together
and even though its january
its the wrong kind of weather

only if you are the wrong kind of bee
for me its just right with the clouds that are grey
and the cool cool breeze
making my agapanthus sway

oh yeah, i forgot
its a poem about the new year
not about the weather
or the plants that grow here

um yeah, have a good one
i hope its all pretty
full of fun and love and icecream
and all the nastiness moves out of your city

and i hope that everyones cars always start
and i hope that theres always milk and bread
and i hope that the blankets are always warm
and all the things swimming become clear in your heads

2003 could very well be a very good year
maybe get some visitors
maybe drink lots of beer
maybe runaround in our bondage gear :)

alrighty i think it has come to the end
my poetic prowess has surely been spent
i hope this little poem brought a smile or yippee
to all of you living in 2003

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