Monday, January 13, 2003

first kiss

well, i went to rehearsal yesterday. i got there 5 minutes late because my car almost shit itslef, causing me to almost shit myself as i heard all these grinding and whizzing noises, that seriously cant be good.....anyone want to buy a car? anyone? anyone? beuller? so im laying on the floor looking over my lines, wondering how on earth i am going to be able to crawl around on the floor in a skirt, when thorin walks over and hands me a lolly. i'm thinking, gee, thanks thorin, i needed a lolly, and then i find out that it's a mint...which is ok i guess. i mean, mints are alright, i was just hoping for a lolly of the fruity kind. i thought perhaps he gave it to me because i'd had such a rough time getting there, and it was to help cheer me up. he then hands lachlan a lolly. lachlan acts surprised and thankful as well, and it's then that i notice no one else gets a lolly. maybe thorin lost his train of thought on the lolly side of things, he was talking to us at the same time. the others didnt seem to mind, they all just sat there, listening.
so thorin finishes talking, puts the lolly packet down and says, oh, the lollies were because carly and lochie have to kiss today.
we joke about it a bit. i tell lochie that if he puts his tongue in my mouth i'll slap him, we have a bit of a laugh, and then we get to work. we do a few scenes, and most of it goes really well. i do still need to do a lot of work with my lines, but all in all, its a good run through. then we do THE scene. and the funny thing is that i forgot which scene the kissing scene is, so when he kissed me, it was like it was supposed to be, totally unexpected.
it's really weird kissing someone else after 5 years of kissing matt. its not like i had to open my mouth or anything, and it's not like i havent kissed lyndell or marc on the lips when saying hello or goodbye or whatever, but because this was supposed to be a kiss between lovers, it felt different. not necessarily good or bad, just different. of course i had the whole, 'was it nice? is he good looking? is anyone there good looking? yadda yadda yadda' from matt, but he really has nothing to worry about on that front.
so that is my newest news. i hope everyone had a good weekend

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