Wednesday, January 22, 2003

i am the girl who needs to know

as far as relationships (all sorts) go, i've always had questions or comments ready in my mind for just that right time when i might need them. i've never thought about what might happen afterwards, just about saying or doing it, and walking away, hopefully feeling a whole lot better, and having some sense of closure. i guess thats what it is mainly, the closure thing.
i'd like to ask steven why he didnt have sex with me. i wanted to, not that we talked about it...come to think about it, we didnt actually talk much at all, but that's what i'd ask him.
i'd hug jonas, and i'd tell him i was sorry for all the things i'd thought about him and his girlfriend.
i'd hug cam for a long long time, cos thinking about him made me happy
i'd tell scott healey that he mad me sad for not going to the formal with me.
i'd tell chris elze that he was an idiot for not talking to me all the way through highschool
i'd ask mark why he thinks he should have treated me better
i'd tell raymond that i did do stuff with matt before he and i broke up, but that it was only kissing

theres probably more...what about you?

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