Saturday, January 11, 2003

what did everyone make as their new years resolution? not the pot smoking quiz variety, i mean the real ones. and has anyone broken them yet? my new years resolution was made last night as i was getting ready. sharyn rang, and since rory was out that night she invited matt and i to go to her place and play cards. this invitation in itself is actually part of my other new years resolution to not stay in the house as much as i do. but anyway, so i said we'd go and i was just wearing some track pants and a t shirt, and when i got out of the shower i decided that from now on i would pay more attention to my appearance. that meaning i would get dressed in the mornings, rather than just laze about in my pyjamas, and whe i went out i would dress 'up' a little. not so much that i would look over the top. (its a beach for crying out loud, ditch those stilletos), but like, last night i wore some jeans, and some cute thongs, but with a nice top and a little bit of lipstick. i even put clips in my hair instead of chucking it back in a ponytail. i sat with a straight back as often as i remembered.
we played cards. we played nans game which im assured has another name but sharyn doesnt know it, and we played lucky 13 fish which is a version of fish that matt made up. all in all it was a fun night. and i got up in the morning an got dressed :)

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