Wednesday, January 08, 2003

well, i havent said anything in here for a week. mostly because i took the 8 hour trip to port lincoln on saturday morning. long long LONG drive. made longer by the fact that e didnt really stop crying, and when i say crying, i mean screaming, the whole way and x spewed not long after we left. nice.
but we got there, and the house was really nice. it was behind all these dodgy flats and i was a bit worried when i saw them. they didnt look inviting at all and definatley not inviting or comfortable for 11 people to stay in for 2 nights.. then we're told that where we are staying in the house down the bottom on the beach. and from the outside it looked just the same, except bigger. but wehen we got inside it was so nice. polished floor boards all the way through, 5 bedrooms, deeeeeep bath and powerful showers, cute little diner style eatery bit, comfortable lounges and sea views. so we unloaded everything and had a bit of a look around the place. we discovered a few op shops and planned our days around going there. we found a second hand/antique shop and bought a cute chair and some glassware for my mum. when we got back to the house was when things started going downhill. hello panic attack. hello really not very nice feeling at all. hello crying crying crying and wanting to go home. after a while i had a bath and went through my lines with personwhosnameimustnevermention and i felt a little better.
on sunday it was decided that we'd go out for some fishing. after about 5 stops of getting out of the car and personwhosnameimustnevermentions dad changing his mind and moving to another beach, we finally stopped for good at the first beach we pulled up at on the way. it was a nice beach. lots of shells and the water was rally shallow for a long way so the boys were pretty safe swimming there. e wasnt interested in swimming. all he wanted to do was cry and be held by me. x was good though. he had this life jacket thing on and he floated around for ages.
they caught no fish.
well, they caught a few, but there were all tommy's and quite small.
then we went home.
on the monday we went looking in the op shops but they opened on tuesday. 10 till 3. bloody nannas, start acting like real workers, monday to friday, 9 till 5:30, you're supposed to be doing it for the people! we did find one that was open and i got a little faerie purse and personwhosnameimustnevermention got a t shirt that says 'i'm with her because she knows quality' or something equally as ridiculous.
ummm, what next. oh, on monday night i probably had the best time. we went out for tea, just personwhosnameimustnevermention, marc, the boys and i. i had a really nice camembert chicken in plum sauce. mmmmmmm, anyway. afterwards we went to the playground and let the boys run around for about an hour. it must have been hard on them being confined to the car and then being watched all the time in the houses, but at the playground they just ran and laughed and ate icecream. they were happy and so was i because i didnt have to worry about anything.
we were staying in the new place on the marina at that time. it was very new and very town housey, but still nice. the view was nice from there too. and the bed was reeeeeealy comfortable, probably the best sleep ive had in a long time.
we went to the swimming centre and the boys had a good time there too. x is getting so good at swimming, i'm such a proud mummy.
on tuesday we went out fisging again. well, i didnt, i sat in the wind and waited for everyone to come back so i could go back to the house. we went to coffins bay where we picked up some touristy presents for a certain two people :) i got a couple of snow globes, yay.
after personwhosnameimustnevermention and the guys came back from fishing and AGAIN therewere no fish, and e was snarky and x was avoidant, we decided to go home. the drive home was much quicker, and i even drove for a while. it was the first time i'd driven personwhosnameimustnevermentions dad's car, the first time i'd driven in the country, the first time i'd driven for 2 and a half hours straight and i was fine. and we saw an emu!!!!
we got home at about 1 am, unpacked and went to bed. now i have to go clean and learn my lines for rehearsal tonight.

back to the real world

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