Thursday, January 16, 2003

woody kicked me in the face with his pointy boot and now i have a split lip :(

rehearsal went really good last night. it was the first time we'd rehearsed with everyone there. normally we do it in about 3 seperate groups. i was a bit nervous actually. rachel said she was too, and that she wore makeup so that the other groups would think that she was worth playing hermia. i changed my clothes heaps of times before i left as well. pfft, girls are stupid.....and so as not to be sexist, boys are stupid too :)
i knew a lot of my lines. i think that nerves made me forget them, rather than actually not knowing them. locky and i went over our scene a few times afterwards and we've got it almost perfect. perfect would be handy since our scene has been chosen to be shown on AM adelaide a week or so before performance. yeah, live on tv......EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP. i so hope i dont stuff up. i'll tape it, and if it sucks, you cant watch it :)

i've decided to sign up with wishlist. so, if any of you out there feel like buying me something, please, go right ahead :) i used to think, and well, yeah, i still do think, that people with wishlists attached to their sites are a bit asky, but hey, if you want to buy me something, who am i to stop you. go forth and shop, and you need never say, 'but you're so hard to buy for!!!' again. dont worry, there's LOTS to choose from

i think i've done that right. if not, just go to registries and type in whittaker :)

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