Saturday, June 12, 2004




i didn't think my week could have gotten any better. what with my hot water system and everything, mmm, hot water system. but please, let me tell you what has made me so happy.

first of all, hot water system, ROCK!
secondly, toy fair today. well, it was ok anyway. not as good as other years, but i got a few figures and some cute badges, so yay.
thirdly, harry potter came out on thursday and i am excitedly excited. i cannot wait to see this film.
thirdly, on wednesday night at the kindy meeting, me and a few other mums were lamenting the fact that there is no ikea in adelaide. i read the advertiser today, and lo and behold, ikea is opening soon, here....hold on, let me write that again, IKEA IS OPENING SOON IN ADELAIDE. it'll be near the airport. hold on again....ok, im alright now, i just had to cum.
fourthly, and believe me, im kicking myself for missing it. friday night, klf, snap! and c&c music factory played at heaven. it would have been just like 1992 all over again.

KLF! uhuh...uhuh

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