Friday, June 04, 2004

one flew east, one flew west

i should be finding out some time soon whether or not i got a part in one flew over the cuckoos nest. i auditioned on wednesday night. im thinking that leeza was none too pleased with my use of the f-word in my monologue, but, feh, whatever.
i posted it up on meandering, its the most recent one, if you're interested.

i auditioned for two parts. well, three really, but as kylie said, you've seen one whore, you've seem em all.
i read for nurse flynn. i think the part thats attracting me to her is the fact that i'd get to wear a nurses outfit. and she's a good christian girl who flirts with the crazies, so thats sounding pretty good to me.
i also read for candy starr, the whore that visits macmurphy. she's a flirt to, but she has sex with bbbbbillyy, so we know she's a tad more than a flirt. also, she gets to climb through a window.
i'll accept either part tho, i dont think i have a preference. i just really hope theo gets a role. im a bit worried about being at the theatre with a room full of old men.

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