Thursday, June 24, 2004


i've done it again. i've found something new. well, actually, i've rediscovered something old. thanks to the lack of bread in the house today, i've rediscovered the salty chocolate goodness of nutella on saladas (put em in your mouth!)

bad carly, bad bad!

on another note, there will be a redesign of this page coming along pretty soon. along with a new look will be a couple more new features such as a little shop where you can buy all the lame things i make. lucky you! i know you cant wait. i would post a picture of the last few things ive made but i still cant work the fucking thing out.

so when i calm down, learn some computer stuff, and make some more gear, there'll be some new pretties to look at.

p.s. all you people who come here looking for little girl sex, would you please stop it? you're clogging up my stat counter and its shitting me. seriously, havent you got anything better to do with your time?

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