Friday, June 11, 2004

i feel the need to elaborate

there are at least 2 people who read this blog who have showered at my house. they can testify to the fact that my shower was crap.

there is no water pressure unless you turn the cold tap on high, but if you do that you cannot have a hot shower, only a warmish one. the water drizzled out and ran all over you in a small....i cant think of a word that describes it...kind of like puring water out of a watering can.

even i have to duck to wash my hair, its that low. now, the shower hear itslef hasnt changed, its still at the same height, but my new hot water system more than makes up for that.

my shower this morning....words will not sufficiently describe, but i will try.

hot tap on. water shoots out, pelting against the bathtub. it is hot. it is hot and has pressure behind it. i havent even turned the cold tap on! i ease the cold tap on until its at a comfortable temperature and its like being in melbourne. water is hitting me, not dribbling on my, i feel clean! no dirt can withstand the power of my shower. well, that, or its so strong its going to push the dirt back inside my pores.

i cant wait to wash my hair.

i think i'll go outside and play in the dirt

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