Monday, August 09, 2004

i kinda wish i was toilet training one of my kids again, just so i could use this story

We went to see Dr.Mark on Saturday, but I was actually feeling a lot better by then. He said I had a virus and that if I didn't want to have panadol, then I didn't have to, so I was happy with that. He also told me about the poo party. I'd never heard of a poo party before so I listened to what he said. Apparently when people do a poo on the toilet their poos go under the house to a poo party where they all have a great time. If boys and girls do their poo in a nappy, then their poos don't get to go to the poo party. I wasn't sure whether to believe him so I told him, 'Poo goes down the drain!' He said that poo goes down the drain to get to the poo party.

oskar tex

one more thing, how cool is this???

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