Saturday, August 07, 2004

the 15 year old inside me

now that you've all read my newspaper-like review of the velveteen habit's gig, i'd just like to add this.
we're all standing around, discussing gi related things with zac, the co-owner of the jade monkey when all of a sudden, from somewhere in my head a voice pops up with 'did you used to play in the miltons?'
did i just speak? yes, i did, and now he's looking at me and about to answer
'wow, thats a long time ago, back in my long blonde hair days'
'yeah, i have an A4 photo of you guys....' *shut up carly*
' kinda weird'
'yeah, i'll just shut up now'
i actually did say that because i think if i didnt say it outloud i wouldnt have done it and would have just gone on and on, not unlike what im doing right now.

then i walked over to the lounge to talk to sarah masters. eeep, sarah masters. a girl who i think is so cool she' i giggle at the sound of her voice on the radio, i bop along to the songs playing by whatever band she happens to be in. yes i am a big geeky stalker. who, by way of blabbering AGAIN let sarah know that.

kelly: carly, this is sarah, she plays in a band
sarah: hi carly
carly: hi
k: so sarah, what bands do you play in?
s: i used to play in hello minnesota
c: oh, are they not going anymore? i only heard forget boy on the radio last night and drove home singing along
s:(giggling) really? wow. im only really playing in bad girls of the bible now
c: i have that on cd at home too.....jeez, im such a geeky stalker
s:(still giggling) oh this is so embarrassing
c:(giggling) for me maybe, you're not the one blabbing out embarrassing stalker talk
carly and sarah keep giggling

later that night i recount my embarrasing encounter with zac to sarah.

sarah: dont tell me you didnt love jed?
carly: oh, i had a crush on jed and zac
....few seconds silence....
carly: actually, it was renata that really did it for me
sarah: yeah, me too
recommence giggling

then to top it all off, sarah gives me her business card and says to get back to her with a cd form humble bee so we can maybe play at a girls in bands gig.


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