Monday, August 09, 2004

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The Howard Government plans to re-introduce its same-sex marriage ban. This ban will define marriage as between a man and a woman and ban the recognition of valid foreign same sex unions.
click that and have a look because there's a lovely picture of our prime minister kissing another man

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Dear Mr Latham and Ms Roxon,
I am writing to express my outrage and deep disappointment in the Labor Party?s decision to abandon its commitment our community.

When the Marriage Legislation Amendment Bill 2004 was first introduced, the Labor Party gave a commitment to our community to send the Bill to a Senate Committee to investigate fully the implications of the Bill. I strongly condemn Nicola Roxon?s announcement at a forum organised by those who hold extremist homophobic views, that the Labor Party plans to renege on its promise to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Australians.

I urge the Labor Party to stand true to its commitment and wait until the Senate Committee hands down its report before making any decision on the Bill.
This Bill will further entrench discrimination against same sex couples and deny same-sex couples who have validly married overseas the right to have Australian courts recognise their marriage.

Howard?s marriage ban sends a strong symbolic message that same-sex relationships are second class. By singling out a section of the population as inherently less worthy and taking steps to deprive us of lawful rights, federal Members of Parliament who vote for this Bill will stigmatise lesbians and gay men. Gay men and lesbians already face alarmingly high levels of violence and discrimination and this Bill gives comfort to those who perpetrate such violence.

By supporting this Bill, the Labor Party is promoting homophobia over equality. As a party that prides itself on fairness and equality I urge the Labor Party to oppose this discrimination, and defend this attack on gay men and lesbians.

I implore you to await the outcome of the Senate Committee inquiry and to vote against this Bill.

Yours sincerely,

there's trouble brewing. my brother is engaged to a young liberal.

last night we were all at my mums house for her birthday. brett, my other brother, announces that something is happening at his house on the 20th of august and we all have to be there. aaron and lisa announce that they wont be able to make it.
why not?
because they are having dinner with the prime minister


they had to pay $200 each to have tea with an uncomfortable little man


we all said what???? and lisa blew up and said something along the lines of 'this is why we don't tell you what we do'.

i wouldn't pay money to eat with that man. I'd pay money to throw food at him, but i don't think i'd pay $200. lisa is a young liberal, one of howards minions, and she has to pay to have dinner with him. on top of that, neither aaron or lisa eat much at all because they're both extremely fussy. they better have some fancy pasta there or they'll be stopping at subway on the way home.

what would possess a 16 year old girl to become a young liberal? Shouldn't she be out having fun, getting drunk and having sex with strange boys? Don't tell me that was just me. ok, aaron and lisa are a little more conservative than most, but a young liberal in the family? sheesh

what is this world coming too? i'm going to have to save their cat before they get to him

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