Friday, August 20, 2004


i think it's time i paid more attention to my breasts. i've been pretty lazy for a while there. after getting over the whole breastfeeding thing and having to wear ugy ugly but supportive maternity bras, i didnt properly fit into any of my leftover bras. i was still all stupid shaped from having babies and nothing had settled down yet. so i just wore those support singlets from bonds *note, i do not look like that when i wear them* . they are comfy, but after a while they dont really do anything. now, its not like i have huge boobs. everybody knows i have handful boobs and thats the way i like them. but i would like them to be a little more perkier than they are.

i reckon next pay day i might take myself to the new innerwear shop on south road and buy some good bras. its about time i spolied myself

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