Wednesday, August 25, 2004

seems there will be at least six, possibly eight charges laid against someone

yesterday went pretty well, apart from the whole driving in the city thing and the fact that there has to be stupid squares to go around instead of driving straight through which would allow me to go directly from one road to another instead of having to back track gah!

ok, so i got there and had a drink of water and calmed down a bit. talked to damian and it was cute cos he looked about as nervous as i was. i met jai, my prosecutor, and she's really nice. she has 3 kids aged 2, 4 and 6 so she gets the whole stressed out by the boys thing.
we went through everything and she's happy to proceed. she thinks i can do it and that we have enough evidence. her application has to go through to someone else and then somone else yadda yadda yadda...and i'll find out in a few weeks


got paid $40 for working that one day. i dont think they really want me. apparently when i said that i feel weird making food for other people, they took that as i hated working there. meh, i dunno. i mean, it wasnt too bad. its not exactly what i want to do, but hey, its better than bunnings. i just dont think its going to be worth it. $160 a week, minus tax, petrol and childcare isnt gonna leave me much. we'd probably get the same amount of extra money if we didnt buy so much takeaway each week.

coles myer still havent gotten back to me. i checked my application online and its still "under consideration". theres still the job at jungle fever but its 35 hours a week. at casual rates that'd be some good money, but i dont think i could handle working that much, plus how many hours eli especially would have to be in childcare.

it'd be good if humblebee sold heaps of albums and we could just live off that money.

in other band related news, the velveteen habit were album of the week on three d last week, number 11 on the top 20+1 and have sold out of cds in all the shops the cds are in.

pretty bloody good

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