Monday, August 23, 2004

just incase you needed more proof of how cool i am

i told you that matt and i gave a rough rough incredibly rough demo of humble bee to mark from the lucksmiths? well, we did. and as you all know i am very impatient, so i went to the lucksmiths website and reminded them on their guestbook about our cd, 'just wondering what you guys thought...'

From : Mark Monnone
Sent : Sunday, 22 August 2004 7:47:45 PM
To :
Subject : Humblebee 4 Mee

Hi guys!

Thanks again for the CD. Sorry I haven't been in touch, but quite honestly,
I've been flat out here in Tassie, doing manual labouring, and saving money
to go to London to see my girlfriend!! (Yippeeee, less than two weeks
now!!) But I've certainly been enjoying your music - you both have wonderful
ace voices! Are you playing shows soon? What's the plan? Are you playing
as a duo, or are you thinking of expanding to a huge swing orchestra? I look
foraward to hearing more of your tunes some day.

Take care.

xx Mark.

Mark Monnone
The Lucksmiths
PO Box 1299
Carlton 3053

proof enough for you now???

yeah, i rule

yaaaay. marc rang last night and read it out over the phone. i was all giggly and smiley for ages, but that could have also been because i was watching criminal, that was wriggly and smiley :P

thanks mark, you're cool too

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