Monday, August 02, 2004

nobody wants me, boo hoo hoo

a lady from the head office of david jones in sydney called me a couple of weeks ago. she was interested in offering me a traineeship where in the end i'd be a retail supervisor. maybe i'm not aiming high enough but i would have been happy with a sales assistant job. anyway, someone was supposed to call me the following week with some more questions and more information. given that its the week following the following week, im guesisng that they arent feeling like giving me that traineeship anymore.

so i decided to check in and see how my coles myer application was going. ooh, ive been selected for a group interview for christmas casual staff. yeah, been there, done that. the interview that is, not the actual job. i suppose i dont really have any right to be picky, but i dont want to work at a supermarket. i know how rude this is going to sound to al your people with their brains in the gutter, but i dont want to handle other peoples meat, other peoples, no thankyou.
working at target, kmart or myer would be good. officeworks would be great too since its just like the stationery department of a newsagent, and we all know how much i love newsagents.

so i have a busy next few weeks. interview next tuesday, seeing dr kent my new psychiatrist the next monday and then my adventure to the DPP the next wednesday. after that its full throttle on cuckoos nest for the next 2 months which brings me to the middle of october.

in other eventful news, my computer has decided that a cdrom drive is really just not necessary. aaron downloaded mozilla firefox for me tho, which means that all those websites that looked like blank pages actually look pretty snazzy now.

what are you all doing on thursday night? thats right, you're going to the jade monkey to see the velveteen habit. matt and i went there last friday night to see the lucksmiths and paper tiger, both of whom i am in love with. we gave a humble bee cd to the bass player form the lucksmiths. we made sure to write 'a rough, rough, incredibly rough demo' on the front, just so they know. he was stoked and excited and said they'd listen to it in the van. eeeeeeep. no ones gotten back to us yet tho. scary scary. i really want to be on the candle records label, so good luck to us.

here's a pretty song by the lucksmiths

Guess How Much I Love You

Good Friday and I’m miles away
And missing you already
From a backyard in Balmain
To the post office and back again
I bought a postcard
I’m getting close
But I haven’t got around to it yet
I know I said I’d write
And maybe I might

You know I’m thinking of you
In the bookstore, in the laundromat
Guess how much I love you
Much more, more than that
More than that

Better Saturday
It’s been that way since I spoke to you this morning
From a pay-phone in a pub
Here’s the rock’n’roll and there’s the rub
And when I spoke to you
You said ‘I’ll see you soon’
But I won’t see you for ages
And your voice sounded so small
The loneliness of the long distance phone call

You know I’m thinking of you
In the bookstore, in the laundromat
Guess how much I love you
Much more, more than that
Guess how much I love you
More than that

Here’s me
Here’s you
Draw a line between the two
This is cartography for beginners
On a map the gap’s three fingers
But it’s more than that
It’s more than that

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