Wednesday, August 04, 2004

there's this girl i hate, right?

ok, i'll start from the beginning. i dont actually hate her, now or before. i just had a problem with her before because she had a problem with me. maybe it was because i kissed her boyfriend and her friends boyfriends, i dont know. whatever it was it resulted in many a hilarious night, culminating in the funniest night of all when there was a sign taped to the front door of johns house saying that they hated me and that i was a fat ugly hippo. i dont think ive laughed so much in my life. i kept the sign for memories and stuck it in my diary. it still makes me laugh now.


the point of this story, i promise there is one and that im getting to it. there was a guy called james that i went out with when i was 15 or so. i loved him, like LOVED him as much as a 15 year old can love a boy they've just met. he was cool, or i thought so anyway. we stayed together for a while and then in my charming and subtle and oh so sweet way, i just started ignoring him till he went away. yeah, im good at breaking up with people, huh?.
a few years later after breaking up with mark know what? i dont even know why, anyway, i decided it was time for me to go out and be a slut, so i did. what is with all these fibs? i didnt decide to become a slut, it kinda just happened. the boyfriends of certain girls would come up to me and we'd kiss. wasnt me cheating on my boyfriend since i didnt have one. james was on again off again with almost all the girls, one in particular, lisa.
oh how she hated me. was it my fault that her boyfriend wanted to kiss me? no, i dont think so, but i can understand her snootiness. what i cant understand however is how 7 or 8 years after the fact she can still glare at me and ignore me. hey lisa, heres a bridge, im over here, how about you join me?
she was at school today. im not sure how she ties in to it all but she has something to do with xander's friend cameron. anyway, so she's standing there with her baby girl and i thought, fuck it, im gonna talk to her. and she tells me that her older daughter looks just like james' sister lucy, (who wasnt the loveliest looking little girl). did i laugh? why yes, yes i did. oh how i laughed. she seemed to understand though, she nodded and smiled at just said '...yeah'. i told her i was sure she was beautiful.

so what did i learn today? that im glad i didnt end up with james cos he wasnt too crash hot at sex (and as everyone knows i am a good judge because not only am i fucking great at sex, i have done it with many different people so am able to make a good comparison) and my kids wouldnt be as attractive as they are

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