Thursday, August 02, 2007

by now, we should all be aware of the lovely aleisha winning big brother 2007. hooray. although, here in our household, we were going for zach

x: some people in my class are saying that zach is G A Y
me: gay?
x: nods
me: well, he is
x: but i dont understand?
me: being a gay boy means you like other boys
x: but...i like other boys
me: yes, but, do you want to kiss them?
x: no
me: well, zach wants to kiss them
e: (singing and marching around the hallway) i wanna kiss boys! i wanna be gay!
me: sweetheart, if you want to be gay and kiss boys, thats fine with me, but if you dont, i dont recommend walking around school saying that
x: (with tears in his eyes) its just not fair mum. no one should be teased just because they are different than another person

there are sometimes shining moments when i know im being a good mum

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