Friday, May 14, 2004

oh internet, how i love thee, let me count the ways...

actually, not many ways at all. stupid fucking thing still doesnt work properly but at least my computer is aware that there is a modem attached to it now. thats one thing, i guess.

while i was away...

i was majorly fucking busy. here, have a read of the reviews of forum, it was a lot better than they said it was.

A funny 'Forum'


Noarlunga College Theatre, Noarlunga Centre

To May 8


STEPHEN Sondheim penned both the music and lyrics to this musical farce, which has a book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart.

In ancient Rome, Pseudolus is a slave who bargains for his freedom when he discovers that his master is in love with a courtesan.

Grant Hull makes an instant connection with the audience and he continues to carry the show as the narrator and slave.

His opening number, Comedy Tonight, is a highlight.

Playing the domineering Captain Miles Gloriosus, Mark Anolak has a stage presence as powerful as his singing voice.

Theo Badics as Hysterium manages to sell most of the song I'm Calm by injecting a lot of extra humour into it.

But while the rest of the cast may be tops in the acting stakes, they are not good singers.

Chris Aubrey as Hero, Carley Whittaker as courtesan Philia, and Kate Anolak as domineering wife Domina all have particularly good characterisations.

Director Harry Dewar uses as much comedy as possible to cover the lack of singing talent. It works to some extent, but nowhere near enough.

Musical director John Wilson and vocal coach Kylie Toogood have failed to work within the limitations of the ensemble, and Wilson's orchestra has too much brass.

Dewar's colourful, multi-storey set looks good, but the mix of costume styles seems odd.

this one was a lot nice, we love louise

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Noarlunga College Theatre
Until Saturday, May 8

Opus Performing Arts Community attacks Stephen Sondheim's irresistible musical theatre parody with such relish that the production rises above its flaws to heroically win over its audience.

Some of the amateur cast members struggled to sing in tune on opening night but their refreshingly unselfconscious performances hit just the right note.

Director Harry Dewar can take the responsibility for both.

If you are going to stage a musical, you really should ensure your performers have the ability to have a decent stab at the score. On the other hand, eliciting so many fine comic moments from a non-professional cast in such a demanding show is a triumph.

There's no doubt Opus has unearthed a budding talent in leading player and star of the evening Grant Hull.

Hull sings and acts with confidence. His portrayal of the Roman slave Pseudolus verges on brilliant as he plots and schemes to bring two lovers together to secure his freedom.

Hull's long-limbed physicality and wide range of facial expressions are reminiscent of John Cleese and, indeed, the whole production is wonderfully Pythonesque. Dewar knows how to direct comedy and he has the large cast running in all directions with some hilarious results.

As well as Hull, Mark Anolak proves his worth in the vocal department as the blundering captain Miles Gloriosus.

Theo Badics beautifully plays up the role of jittery slave Hysterium and Brian Oates provides a memorable moment as the doddery lech Senex in his jaunty performance of Everybody Ought to have a Maid.

Sets and costumes are a treat and the band plays brightly under musical director John Wilson. Problems with performer microphones are distracting but should be ironed out as the season progresses.

– Louise Nunn

have a look at us, arent we nice?

what else, what else....not a lot really. i was pretty busy with forum and when i wasnt performing i was reading. i have a new love. jodi piccoult, mmmmmm. i am in love with her books. ive read two of them in the past week and i need more more MORE! so far i've read second glance and my sister's keeper. please feel free to buy me the others and send them to me as welcome back to the internet presents.

so...did anyone miss me???

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